White Mist M606

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Sisool Masai – White Mist M606

60% Sisal, 40% Wool

As unique and varied as a vast African plain, Masai White Mist brings the mysterious palette of a pale haze in the grasslands. When rivers rush and tumble, soft-pawed predators lie in wait, while monkeys howl and hyenas cackle. This is the captivating magic of the Masai Mara, a Kenyan wilderness from which this winning weave takes its name.

Combining the warmth of wool with the earthy texture of sisal, this sensational style encapsulates the diverse drama of a savannah landscape, from the swaying grass at sunrise to the riverside jungle at dusk. Here, the Masai people have honed their crafts, just as we have, combining the very best fabrics nature has to offer for a finished product with strength and dexterity.

Ideally suited to areas of the home where high levels of activity can be observed, the unusual blend of organic materials offers a soothing sense of natural habitat. Bringing the outdoors in, this design would be equally suited to hallways and reception rooms, or places where the paws of our furry friends might tread. From traditional, countryside schemes to modern minimalism, the creamy beige shade of Masai White Mist elevates any space with inspiring light, much like a misty haze highlights the curious happenings of the Mara Plains.

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Product Specification

60% Sisal, 40% Wool


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Rugs

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