Amtico and Karndean are two well-known brands in the luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring market. Both offer high-quality, durable flooring options that mimic the look of natural materials like wood and stone. Amtico is renowned for its extensive range of design options and innovative patterns, allowing for more customization.

On the other hand, Karndean focuses on creating realistic textures and authentic embossing to enhance the tactile experience of their floors. Both brands offer easy maintenance and long-lasting performance, making them popular choices for those seeking the aesthetics of real hardwood or stone without the drawbacks of natural materials. Ultimately, the choice between Amtico and Karndean often comes down to personal style preferences and specific design needs.

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Why choose Amtico?

When it comes to luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and click smart flooring, Amtico stands out as the undisputed champion in the market. Amtico offers a range of benefits that make it the top choice for discerning customers. With a rich history dating back over 50 years, Amtico has consistently pushed the boundaries of flooring innovation. Their products are renowned for their exceptional durability, making them a fantastic investment for any space. Amtico’s LVT and click smart options are not only built to last, but they also boast an astonishing level of versatility. The extensive selection of designs, patterns, and textures ensures that Amtico can cater to any interior design style, from classic to contemporary. Moreover, their unique products are expertly crafted with precision, featuring stunning realism that replicates the natural beauty of hardwood, stone, and other materials. Amtico’s commitment to quality and innovation is unwavering, providing customers with flooring solutions that are easy to maintain, eco-friendly, and visually striking. For those seeking the very best in LVT and click smart flooring, Amtico stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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Why choose Karndean?

In the world of LVT/Click Smart flooring, there’s a plethora of choices to consider. One option that may catch your eye is Karndean. Karndean offers a diverse range of flooring products, often favored by those who are budget-conscious. Their selection encompasses various designs and styles that can elevate the aesthetics of your space. A notable advantage of Karndean is its user-friendly installation process, appealing to DIY enthusiasts. However, when considering the long-term performance and premium quality that can truly elevate your environment, one brand stands out as the ultimate choice. While Karndean may be an option for those seeking budget-friendly flooring solutions, this brand’s quality and innovation place it in a league of its own, setting the standard in the LVT/Click Smart market, ensuring your investment endures and enhances your space.

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1. Strong and durable

Every tile is engineered from heat-compressed layers to combine extreme resilience and superb strength with beautiful design.

2. Easy to look after

Unlike delicate natural surfaces, Amtico LVT takes minimum effort to maintain. Tiles are easy to clean, repair or replace, so you can enjoy beautiful flooring for years to come.

3. Quiet underfoot

The unique structure of Amtico LVT helps to absorb sound to create a calm and peaceful space.

4. Feels soft and warm

Unlike hard stone or wood floors, LVT feels soft and warm underfoot.

5. Superior looks

Choose across hundreds of Wood, Stone and Abstract designs to recreate the latest flooring trends and bring a fabulous finish to any room in your home.

6. Unique design

Amtico LVT offers an unrivalled choice of colours, laying patterns and motifs, so you can create a unique look for your home.

7. Long lasting

Our hand-picked Amtico flooring specialists will fit your new LVT floor for you to give you years of beautiful flooring.

8. Suitable for underfloor heating

Amtico LVT is designed to work with underfloor heating systems, so it won’t warp or crack like natural wood.