Amtico Spacia

Amtico Spacia is a unique collection of versatile wood and stone floors featuring natural colours and realistic textures. Beautifully simple and effortlessly stylish.

Authentic grains, natural colours and realistic textures; discover the perfect wood designs to bring warmth into your home. From bold rustic to cool Scandi, there’s a Spacia Wood for your space.

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Amtico luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) must be securely adhered to the subfloor using the appropriate adhesive. Proper adhesive application is crucial to ensure the longevity and performance of the flooring. Amtico provides specific recommendations for the type of adhesive to use, which may vary depending on factors such as subfloor type and environmental conditions.

Using a steam cleaner on your Amtico flooring is discouraged, as it has the potential to cause harm to the floors. To maintain your Amtico flooring effectively, we suggest a daily or as-needed routine of gentle sweeping using a soft brush. For a thorough weekly cleaning, we recommend mopping with Amtico’s specially formulated floor cleaner. This approach is advised to ensure the best results and the long-term durability of your Amtico floors.