Amtico Form

Amtico Form is a crafted collection of distinctive flooring, with 36 beautiful wood and stone designs. The collection carries organically inspired surface textures and natural colourways, which sit effortlessly amongst modern and traditional spaces alike.

Amtico Form encapsulates the beauty of natural materials and enhances them with the practicality of LVT. Also now featuring high performance antimicrobial technology that’s proven to reduce the presence of bacteria by more than 99% over 24 hours, this brings the perfect balance of style and function to any space.

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The pricing of Amtico Form can vary based on several factors, including the specific design or style chosen, the location where it’s purchased, and any additional installation costs. Amtico Form is generally positioned as a premium luxury vinyl flooring option, offering exceptional quality and design realism. While it may be more expensive than some other flooring choices, it provides excellent value for those seeking a high-end, durable, and visually appealing flooring solution. It’s worth noting that investing in Amtico Form often pays off in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance requirements, making it a cost-effective choice over time. To get an accurate price estimate, it’s advisable to consult with local retailers or contractors, as prices can vary regionally and may depend on specific project requirements.

Amtico Spacia and Amtico Form are both remarkable flooring collections from Amtico, but they cater to different design preferences and budgets. Amtico Spacia offers a versatile range of designs, including wood and stone looks, at a more budget-friendly price point. It’s known for its durability, ease of maintenance, and suitability for both residential and commercial spaces. In contrast, Amtico Form represents a premium offering with a focus on capturing the intricate details and textures of natural materials like wood and stone. It boasts strikingly realistic designs and is positioned as a luxury choice. While Amtico Spacia provides affordability and practicality, Amtico Form elevates the aesthetic and offers an even higher level of design sophistication. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the desired level of luxury, style, and budget for your flooring project.

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