Soft Shell WT501

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Wool Treasure – Soft Shell WT501

100% Wool

Is there anything more enticing than the thought of buried treasure? Revitalizing any room with countless riches, Treasure Soft Shell signals a beautiful bounty beneath your feet – just as X marks the spot. With treasure most often found on some faraway sandy shore, this washed-out, peachy neutral is inspired by the natural treasures found more easily on your favourite beach.

As enchanting as the creamy swirl of colour inside a scalloped clam, this speckled, blushing beige will help you feel more grounded while offering an expansive sense of space. Pairing perfectly with other rich, coastal neutrals or against a splash of happy colour, the Treasure collection is created exclusively with pure new wool. Treat your feet to the untold opulence of a lamb’s first fleece, which is prized for its premium softness and insulation.

Meanwhile, this all-natural material also brings hard-wearing longevity and heritage appeal. As organic as an ocean tide, wool is long lauded for its ability to insulate against noise, balance humidity in the home, and biodegrade naturally at the end of its lifecycle. An ageless legacy of myth and legend, Treasure Soft Shell sets the tone for a timelessly tantalizing space, adding immense value to your home with the highest quality materials.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


Size Options
4 Metres, 5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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