Soft Olive WP103

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Wool Pearl – Soft Olive WP103

100% Wool

In the most luxurious shade of buttery beige, Pearl Soft Olive provides natural cosiness to your space. The warm, welcoming hue is like a late afternoon in the Mediterranean – golden, balmy and beautiful, with an elevated look that lifts other elements of the room. Of course, natural beige is also a classic choice that doesn’t yield to the transient nature of trends but stands firm as an ageless symbol of style and sophistication. Put simply, this shade is perpetually popular and adaptable to any style of property.

Named for the stone with the classiest of connotations, the Pearl collection is an image of opulent beauty. Created with super-soft wool from New Zealand, this highly refined range is prized for its natural strength and balancing energy, just like its namesake. In addition to unmatched insulation, wool carpets are also naturally breathable, with hypoallergenic properties that prevent bacteria growth and can inhibit the spread of irritants in the air. This fascinating organic material has even been known to stabilise the humidity in the home.

A crowning gem in the collection, Pearl Soft Olive is inspired by the refreshing qualities of nature, with the tantalising texture to match.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


Size Options
5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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