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Sisal Small Boucle C – Smoke CC982

100% Sisal

With its subtle, grey-beige shade and rich, inviting texture, Small Boucle C Smoke is a style for the homemakers at heart. Fostering an aura of natural warmth and lived-in sophistication, it combines the understated elegance of a natural carpet with the long-standing functionality of sisal fibres. Meanwhile, the soft neutral colour is flecked with strands of beige for a dappled display and room-softening overtones.

A beautiful boucle weave is the cornerstone of sisal carpet construction, bringing durability and textural beauty in equal measure. The Small Boucle C collection draws on the unending delights of this fantastic natural fibre, which is derived from a South American agave plant of the same name. Perfect for the places in your home where another carpet might wear out quickly, this incredible style holds its own against the heaviest of foot traffic.

For an enchanting echo of nature, look no further than Small Boucle C Smoke. This delightful style draws on classic sisal construction and warm, organic hues for tactile strength and interesting visual appeal. A fundamental carpet for the discerning homeowner, with endless opportunities for interior design.

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100% Sisal


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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