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Sisal Malawi – Rustic SM105

100% Sisal

Near black in colour, Malawi Rustic is the epitome of natural elegance. Named for the small African nation with the largest of hearts, this carpet creates a warm, depth of texture, with room-enhancing highlights. The bold stand-out palette provides a pleasing balance to any space, soothing the senses with its rustic natural fibres. Pairing perfectly with other neutral hues and pops of earthy colour, this engaging shade is sure to provide a rich, organic ambience to your space.

Woven with stunning sisal fibres crafted from an agave plant, the Malawi collection is as delightful and welcoming as its namesake. From vast, grassy highlands to the sandy shores of an African Great Lake, Malawi is small but mighty, never lacking in immense natural wonder. In a similar vein, this subtle yet strong sisal weave provides a rich tapestry of natural texture to enjoy, inspired by the pure magic of an unspoiled African Eden.

Accenting any space with the strength and texture of nature, Malawi Rustic is ideal for hallways and reception rooms alike. Here, resilient natural fibres are waiting to welcome you with an embrace of ease and well-being, just as Malawi’s much-loved residents welcome guests with open arms.

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Product Specification

100% Sisal


Size Options
4 Metres, 5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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