Rich Caramel GO801

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Sisal Grand Oriental – Rich Caramel GO801

100% Sisal

With an irresistible natural weave, Grand Oriental Rich Caramel vastly enhances the ambience of your space, without any unwanted visual distraction. Much like a textured tile or rich leather sofa, this design brings understated style in the form of tactile substance, made with strong sisal fibres that make you want to reach down and feel for yourself. Seasoned designers know that a harmonious space is all about a balance of texture – something this style offers in abundance.

Often used to create rope and twine thanks to its outstanding strength and durability, sisal comes from an exotic agave plant of the same name. Drawing on the vast treasures of faraway lands, the Grand Oriental Collection is a celebration of longing and belonging, bringing the astonishing inspiration of foreign climes right inside your home.

For a truly enveloping atmosphere, Grand Oriental Rich Caramel twines several shades of sisal together for a bold, flecked finish. Inspired by all the indulgent tones of molten toffee, golden brown is woven against pale beige for an artisanal effect, emulating the enchantment of a warm autumnal treat. Expertly fuse your interior and exterior space when you use it in the porch, hallway, or boot room.

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Product Specification

100% Sisal


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4 Metres

Light Contract, Stairs, Rugs

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