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Wool Audrey – Midnight WFS4

100% Wool

For the colourful creatives at heart, Audrey Daybreak offers a mellow medley of shades, bringing a dreamy feeling of light and warmth along with it. Inky black and shadowy grey gives way to rich teal blue and burnt orange, interspersed with bands of creamy beige. The result is a show-stopping striped design inspired by the drama of daybreak.

Expertly crafted with 100% New Zealand wool, this stand-out style is both vibrant and versatile. An elegant wool loop allows for ageless durability and soft, organic texture, acting as a natural insulator inside the home. From the ancient Anglo-Saxon meaning noble strength, carpets in the Audrey collection bring bold design without compromising on robust construction. Much like the iconic actress of the same name, Audrey is a dazzling symbol of both style and substance.

Perfect for providing a unique talking point, Audrey Daybreak speaks volumes of your expert eye for design. This distinctive flooring serves as a unique feature in both traditional and more modern homes. The vibrant bands of colour can easily brighten up dark spaces, offering an energizing atmosphere that evokes the promise of dawn. Sumptuously soft underfoot, the overall feeling is one of inspiration and aspiration, suitable for any space where creativity is key.

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100% Wool


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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