Lime / Red MP114

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Wool Mississippi Premium – Lime / Red MP114

100% Wool

Making way for a new realm of refined durability, Mississippi Premium Lime/Red combines a kaleidoscope of colour with the luxury of pure wool. Ideal for adding visual interest to spaces lacking depth, this combination of vibrant hues helps energize the mind with bright lines of lime, purple, red and blue. The result is a vital, visually pleasing feeling of rainbow-inspired radiance.

The Mississippi Premium collection is a celebration of elite materials, masterfully crafted from 100% pure wool for unrivalled strength and beauty. Much like the river, this range has evolved to bring you all the vital elements for living, from warmth and breathability to ageless durability. From the native American meaning ‘Great Waters’, Mississippi State is a vibrant tapestry of food, music and culture, with an intangible sense of soul you won’t see anywhere else. Our premium collection is inspired by the same intensity of warmth, spirit, and style, for flooring that helps you feel instantly at home.

As with the rest of the collection, Mississippi Premium Lime/Red is a modern icon with an old soul, charming all with its kindred sense of spirit. Stunning rainbow tones are set in a thin striped pattern to enhance the size and balance of the space, pairing perfectly with more organic elements such as wood and leather.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


Size Options
1 Metres, 4 Metres, 5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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