Light Stone WR106

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Wool Reef – Light Stone WR106

100% Wool

Evoking the warm organic texture of a natural pebbled path, Reef Light Stone is a whisper of a world that could be. Plush, warm and enticing, this stylish shade is somewhere between grey, clay and taupe, resembling the reflective shades of a rocky mountain summit. The hue has a strange smoothness to it, as bright and enticing as pretty pebbles in a clear summer stream. Ideal for serene spaces such as the bedroom, this dreamy design is made all the more divine with its rich, organic texture.

Carefully crafted from premium New Zealand wool, the Reef collection is inspired by the immense natural beauty of the world’s most enchanting ecosystem. Here, beneath the ocean’s surface, you’ll find an abundance of colourful coral with astounding natural abilities. While they may look delicate, these elegant organisms are essential in protecting the shoreline from erosion, much like our robust organic fibres work to prevent wear over time.

A strong atoll also acts as a filter for the surrounding environment, just as wool inherently purifies the air by absorbing pollutants and excess moisture. Insulating for both warmth and acoustics, Reef Light Stone crafts an idyllic cocoon of peace and comfort with a heavenly hue to match.

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100% Wool


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5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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