Ivory OP306

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Wool Mississippi Premium – Ivory OP306

100% Wool

In recent years, nearly-there neutrals have dominated the design industry, sought by many for their soothing simplicity and natural, earthy appeal. Opal Ivory offers an elevated take on the trend, in a beautiful shade of creamy white that feels as though it grew there. Opting for a speckled shade such as this helps lift interior schemes by drawing out colour from the surrounding elements. Pair this elegant off-white with warm walls and decor, and you’ll enjoy a snug, restful atmosphere, try it with cool tones, and you’ll discover a brighter, more energising space.

An enigmatic semi-precious stone, Opals are known for their iridescent appeal, reflecting many different colours in a vibrant play of light. The flecked natural fibres in this collection are designed to do just the same, offering endless visual interest and effortless versatility. Meanwhile, a 100% wool construction ensures warmth and durability, which is even suitable for the stairs and other heavily used areas of the home.

Named for a delicate gem with powerful creative energy and the coveted tusks of the strongest mammal on earth, Opal Ivory brings light, elegance and resilience to any space. The subtle yet stunning shade is sure to impress guests time and time again.

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Product Specification

100% Undyed Wool


Size Options
4 Metres, 5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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