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Wool Balance – Intuition BA506

100% New Zealand Wool

In a deep cream with shades of sand, stone, and marble, Balance Intuition brings distinctive design and durability in equal measure. The two-tone colour is created with tip-shearing, an intricate combination of looped and twisted yarn, for an enchanting equilibrium of light and texture that draws in neutral tones from the surrounding room and its furnishings. The deep cream shade is surprisingly versatile, working well with everything from earthy tones to bold, bright colours, and dark statement shades.

Known for its superior quality, this carpet is crafted from 100% New Zealand wool, which is incredibly strong, soft and warm thanks to the vitality of the country’s climate. Here, fertile soil alongside plenty of sunshine and rain breeds vitamin-rich grass, which in turn breeds healthy sheep with strong, fluffy fleeces. We take this raw material and use it to create the Balance collection, which offers the perfect harmony of warm insulation and long-term durability.

As with any wool carpet, Balance Intuition offers a range of benefits inside your home, from thermo and humidity regulation to a timelessly elegant aesthetic. In addition, this particular style shows off your clever eye for design with a beautifully light and airy cream colour.

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Product Specification

100% New Zealand Wool


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5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Rugs

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