Hidden Cave WE511

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Wool Enigma – Hidden Cave WE511

100% Wool

With a uniquely mesmerising motif, Enigma Hidden Cave is inspired by the intriguing depths of a magical cavern. We all love to play make-believe now and again, wondering what would happen should we stumble on some cosmically concealed universe. Now, you can fully immerse yourself in that world, evoking exotic climes inside the home with all the undulating shades of a secret sanctum.

This meandering medley of white and dreamy beige brings a calm yet contemporary feel to the space, reviving the mind with neutral hues and a captivating pattern. With this abstract geometric design woven right into the wool, the Enigma collection offers a contemporary take on timeless design, emulating the heritage appeal of a herringbone, but with more modern flow and movement.

Created from 100% New Zealand wool, Enigma Hidden Cave creates an enchanting cocoon of warmth and comfort, with a tufted texture that’s a treat to the touch. A reputation for strength and durability ensures Enigma styles keep surprising you, springing back into shape for many years to come. From dancing shadows created by flames to paranormal patterns carved right into the rock, this evocative design lets you escape to that secret mystical cave, if only in your mind.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


Size Options
5 Metres

Light Contract, Stairs, Rugs

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