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Sisal Small Boucle Classics – Ginger C653

100% Sisal

With a shade as smooth as scotch whiskey, Small Boucle Classics Ginger brings time-honoured simplicity to your space. A paradigm of plant-based carpets, this uncluttered sisal weave brings an ageless boucle design with a beautiful honeyed hue. With a hint of spicy warmth and heartwarming festive memories, ginger is known for creating cakes and biscuits laced with edible gold. Inspired by the deep orange of a gingerbread house, this style also brings a warming texture and a wholesome feeling to your space.

Created for those who appreciate the art of timeless style and tradition, Small Boucle Classics employs an enduring boucle weave with strong sisal fibres. This subtle loop construction may look simple to the naked eye, but much like other archetypal works of art, decades of care and expertise have gone into its crafting. The result is an exemplary carpet that doesn’t surrender to passing trends but stands firm as a paragon of style and substance for many years to come.

Ideal for any space where long-term strength is key, Small Boucle Classics Ginger also brings a welcome stamp of luxurious style and natural texture.

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100% Sisal


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4 Metres, 5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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