Eternal Flame WE518

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Wool Enigma – Eternal Flame WE518

100% Wool

With a uniquely mesmerising motif, Enigma Eternal Flame is inspired by the hypnotic hues of an ever-burning blaze. There’s nothing quite as comforting as the perpetual flicker of a candle, or the intense blaze of a bonfire, helping you find your way in the dark. This daring design encapsulates the same feeling of warmth, comfort and inspiration with all the undulating shades of a mystical inferno.

This meandering medley of burnt orange and gas-lamp blue brings a cosy yet contemporary feel to the space, reviving the mind with vibrant hues and a captivating pattern. With an abstract geometric design woven right into the wool, the Enigma collection offers a contemporary take on timeless design, emulating the heritage appeal of a herringbone, but with more modern flow and movement.

Created from 100% New Zealand wool, Enigma Eternal Flame creates an inspiring cocoon of warmth and comfort, with a tufted texture that’s a treat to the touch. A reputation for strength and durability ensures Enigma styles keep surprising you, springing back into shape for many years to come. Imitating the natural flicker of a bright, burning blaze, this evocative design lets you escape to a world without limits, if only in your mind.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


Size Options
5 Metres

Light Contract, Stairs, Rugs

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