Corn E312

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Sisal Big Boucle Classic – Corn E312

100% Sisal

Perfect for those places where ordinary carpet just won’t do, Big Boucle Classics Corn is resilient and unusual, with all the strength and durability you can expect to find in a natural floor covering. Crafted in an iconic boucle weave, this distinctive design comes with all the benefits of its robust, plant-based fibres, grounding any interior design with dreamy depth and rustic texture.

In literature, classics are long-loved for their powerful influence and versatile interpretation, drawing on the creative weight of words for a lasting legacy. With Big Boucle Classics, the sentiment is much the same, with a quintessential weave that proves a paradigm for any sisal carpet. Easy to maintain, this remarkable material has hypoallergenic properties and may aid those with breathing conditions.

In terms of colour, Big Boucle Classics Corn offers all the natural warmth and character of the raw material, in a beautiful shade of golden maize. A wonderfully hardwearing option for heavily used areas of your home, sisal is also used by the maritime industry for rope and tethering, a testament to its incredible strength and durability.

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Product Specification

100% Sisal


Size Options
4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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