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Wool Enchanted – Cool White WE100

100% Wool

Enjoy the enigmatic allure of Enchanted Cool White, a crisp yet captivating carpet with a storied soul. As the ancient legend goes, a magic carpet was once gifted to King Solomon by the Queen of Sheba. Spun from the finest threads, this enchanted gift allowed him to travel wherever he wished, created with powerful magic that could never wear thin.

Inspired by the same enthralling feeling of freedom, our Enchanted range allows you to realise your wildest design dreams, woven from the purest wool available. With extraordinary insulating properties and a sumptuously soft feeling underfoot, this mesmerising material has the power to transform any space inside the home. Sure to cast a spell on all those who tread there, Enchanted Cool White has a shade as pure as snow, with a soft, sinking texture to match.

Blending perfectly with the existing features of your space, Enchanted Cool White is refined, desirable and admired by all, setting the scene for your happily-ever-after home. Try this bright beguiling hue alongside other elegant shades of white for a dreamy design scheme that soothes the senses, or opt for a little splash of colour to bring your story to life.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


Size Options
5 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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