Clear Summit WA501

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Wool Alpine – Clear Summit WA501

100% Wool

In a sumptuous shade of white, Alpine Clear Summit evokes the snow-kissed peaks of the Alps, where white, mountain wilderness meets a crystal sky. Here, among the clouds, heavy weathering does nothing to diminish the raw beauty of a diamond-draped landscape, a concept from which this carpet takes its lead.

A classic chevron design is combined with the luxury of wool for timeless durability, insulating your home from the cold like a cosy, timber-clad chalet. Meanwhile, robust natural fibres keep this carpet as clean as crisp mountain air, with a wonderfully woven finish for natural depth and texture. Beautiful, breathable, and sustainable, the Alpine range is every bit as alluring as the untamed wilderness for which it was named.

Ideal for the much-trodden pathways of your home, Alpine Clear Summit is a lesson in refined resilience, with the time-honoured hue to match. Ageless in its elegance, the opulent off-white is easily styled with a whole spectrum of other shades and neutrals, offering the same boundless beauty as the view from a mighty mountaintop. The subtle herringbone pattern is perfect for introducing textual variation, while the clean colour makes way for any classic or contemporary design scheme.

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100% Wool


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Rugs

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