Chalk SR401

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Sisool Rock – Chalk SR401

75% Sisal, 25% Wool

From the tiniest stone to the tallest mountain, rock is the defining feature of our natural landscape. Firm and unyielding, geological formations are the solitary constant when it comes to organic matter, from the changing of the seasons to the passing of the centuries. Inspired by this incredible feat of natural resilience, Rock Chalk blends the bolstered durability of a boulder with the timeless creamy hue of a seaside cliff.

Expertly crafted with 75% sisal and 25% wool, this enchanting sisool weave will be your rock when it comes to hard-wearing versatility. Combining the slight sheen of stone-coloured sisal with the fluffy warm whites of undyed wool, the twisted texture allows for a wonderfully rustic look. Try it in spaces that could benefit from an injection of earthy character, pairing it with velvety colours and fabrics for a beautiful feeling of balance.

Speaking of balance, sisool carpets can benefit your space in more ways than one, absorbing excess moisture from the air and keeping your house cool throughout the warmer months. Rock Chalk is an outstanding example of variegated tone and texture, offering an irresistible weave of neutral hues to work harmoniously alongside existing design elements.

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Product Specification

75% Sisal, 25% Wool


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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