Black WL779

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Wool Linen n Wool – Black WL779

55% Wool 45% Linen

There’s something wonderfully cool and classic about Linen N Wool Black, which combines a rich midnight hue with threads of neutral beige. Delightfully down-to-earth, the colour feels a little like a hug from a loved one, familiar, comforting, and instantly uplifting, an embrace of ease and relaxation you can really lean into.

Much like any classic pairing, this iconic combination of materials makes for a much-loved model of organic carpet construction. Crafted with 55% wool and 45% Flax, Linen N Wool brings the benefits of both to a variety of living spaces. With superior warmth, rich organic texture and a tasteful tufted finish, this beautiful blend is as durable as it is luxurious.

Suitable for even the most hectic hallways of your home, Linen N Wool Black allows for heavy foot traffic without compromising on timeless style and elegance. A vision of vibrant style and sophistication, it works well in both classic and contemporary schemes, with a subtle hint of heritage appeal. The ageless neutral hue looks perfect in period homes alongside original characteristics, while bringing an edge of enduring natural elegance to more modern properties.

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Product Specification

55% Wool 45% Linen


Size Options
4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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