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Seagrass Fine – Basketweave Natural FSBW

100% Seagrass

With all the authentic charm of handmade wicker homewares, Seagrass Fine Basketweave is crafted from the gentle magic of an underwater meadow. Where low-lying land is often submerged, strong, flowering grasses can be found in abundance, reaping the rewards of shallow, nutrient-rich waters and dappled sunlight from above.

Created from the unique resilience of a water plant, Seagrass carpets are static-free by nature, with a smoother texture than other strong, natural fibres. The chequered weave offers an enchanting aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place in the market stalls of Vietnam, where beautifully handwoven baskets jostle for position next to tables laden with exotic fruit. Meanwhile, fine fibres allow for a slightly softer aesthetic. When new, seagrass carpet has also been known to emit the refreshing scent of sweet summer hay, to truly bring the outdoors in.

In terms of colour, Seagrass Fine Basketweave offers an inherently natural appeal, in a rich, aged neutral with the tiniest hint of sea green. As a natural resource, the fibres are renewable, biodegrading naturally once disposed of. With a durable waxy coating offering extra protection, this style works especially well in the hallway, playroom, or living room.

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100% Seagrass


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs

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