Archive Tale WA511

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Wool Alpine – Archive Tale WA511

100% Wool

Alpine Archive Tale, a carpet that embodies the timeless beauty and class of an archive. With its meticulously woven texture and a colour palette inspired by the captivating hues found within the pages of ancient manuscripts, this exceptional carpet weaves a tale of sophistication and intrigue. The colour palette combines delicate shades of silvery grey and warm tan, creating a seamless balance in your home.

With unwavering commitment to detail, Alpine Archive Tale is expertly crafted to guarantee enduring durability. The seamless fusion of 100% pure wool and a timeless herringbone pattern not only elevates it visually but also gives a comforting layer of insulation, ensuring your home remains a cosy sanctuary even on the coldest of days.

Embracing the inherent cleanliness of robust natural fibres, Alpine Archive Tale effortlessly maintains its pristine appearance over time. The subtle mix of silvery grey and warm tan complements both classic and contemporary design schemes, offering versatility in any setting. The inclusion of the herringbone pattern introduces textural variation within your home, adding an extra dimension.

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Product Specification

100% Wool


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Rugs

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