Sandstone SD105

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Sisal Divine – Sandstone SD105

100% Sisal

With a wonderfully chunky texture, Divine Sandstone cultivates a rural atmosphere inside your home. Perfect for country homes and coastal cottages alike, this extraordinary flooring could also be used in townhouses and apartments to act as a soothing antidote to life in the concrete jungle. With a refreshing feeling of real nature, the style is made with tough sisal fibres, interlocked in a rustic weave for resilient simplicity.

Angelic by name and nature, the Divine collection is created with durable plant-based materials for a lesser cost to the climate. Often chosen by interior designers for its exclusive appeal and wonderful depth of texture, this timeless design adds wholesome homeliness to your space. The rugged look is best balanced with smooth tones and modern elements to retain an aura of upscale elegance.

As naturally beautiful as a seaside bluff, Divine Sandstone blends the organic quality of sisal with an elegant shade of warm beige for a look straight out of an interior design magazine. For the ultimate marriage of form and function, try it in spaces where long-standing durability is key, such as the hallway, utility and porch.

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Product Specification

100% Sisal


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4 Metres

Heavy Domestic, Stairs, Rugs

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